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“Dear Jonás,

Thank you very much for the great workshop, we received many, many positive reactions from the musicians and also from conductor Ed Spanjaard. We feel it is very important to pass on experiences like your workshop to help the talented NJO-members to develop themselves into complete and happy musicians.”

2020, Daniëlle Egberts, manager National Youth Orchestras of The Netherlands (NJO)

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Aren’t my students just gorgeous?

Muchísimas gracias por todo. Por tu esfuerzo, paciencia, ilusión y ganas de enseñar! De verdad, llega. María, classical music student

I was really enthusiastic, as I was missing a curricular class on rhythm, because I feel like rhythm is underrepresented and composers miss much knowledge on this fundamental issue. 
Moreover, what I found really nice is that composers brought their own pieces in progress. You get an interesting insight in the struggles, ideas, themes of your fellow composers.
These rhythm classes are also the most practical in the curriculum. Having a group class in which every person needs to be active is a great benefit for bonding between composers. The physicality of this class is something that should be cherished (in Dutch we have the nice word ”koesteren”). – Maarten, composition student

By far the best elective course I ever attended at the conservatory and a true eye-opener for my artistic research. Jonás method is one of a kind and it’s incredibly useful for improvisers. He is always able to find the best tools to help every student to deal with their own rhythmic issues. Super recommended! – Marco, jazz student

I would really like to thank you for your lessons, because I think they are really well made and organized, and, even more, because I really like your pedagogical/didactical approach to the class, and the way you deal with every student. – Samuele, music education student

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